Teachers: Margie & Bob Williamson

Life Group 5 is a welcoming, friendly, fun class for adults ages 60 something to 99. Every Sunday begins with fellowship, catching up with friends we have missed since last Sunday, AND a breakfast of some kind –– either store-bought or homemade. There's always plenty of coffee.

Dr. Margie Williamson is the teacher, and Dr. Bob Williamson leads the prayer time and is the backup teacher. Margie was a writer/editor for Bible study curriculum as well as on the seminary faculty at New Orleans Baptist Seminary. Bob retired as an Executive Pastor, serving various churches around Atlanta.

This year, the class uses the Life Bible study literature which is the curriculum Margie helped write and edit. This year we are doing Old Testament survey. Previously, we've spent a year in the book of Acts and a year on the life of Christ.

The class is made up of couples, singles, pairs, and spares of various ages. We have 45 to 50 minutes of Bible study that is a combination of lecture and discussion. Each Sunday, we end with prayer and prayer concerns.

We are blessed to have some of the newest attenders to Bethlehem Baptist as well as some of the matriarchs.

The class meets in room 109 (and 111 & 113) –– connecting rooms. You can usually find us if you just listen on Sunday for the noisiest room. Attendance runs anywhere from 30 to 40, and there is the option to join us via Zoom if that works better for you.

Come join us for a Sunday or two and see if we are a good fit for you. You are always welcome.