Life Groups are more than just Sunday School. They're a place to find love, support, and encouragement for your daily journey through life.

2023 Life Groups
Every Sunday at 9:30 AM



Toddlers & 2s

2s & 3s

4s & 5s

1st Grade

2nd & 3rd Grades

4th & 5th Grades


Middle School Girls

High School Girls

Youth Boys


Young Adults (Teachers: Zach & Ashley Brinkman)

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20s & 30s (Teacher: TBD)

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30s & 40s (Teacher: Billy & Martha Boyd)

Welcome to the Boyd Life Group! We are glad you are here! This life group meets at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings in between the traditional and modern worship services. The class is co-ed multi-generational, from various walks and places in life. The class provides a loving family atmosphere to learn practical lessons from God’s Word and applications to improve our daily lives.  We can’t wait to meet you there!

More About the Class: We study scripture verse by verse, while going into all aspects of the word including history and application through real-life experiences provided by the members of the life group.  We are a class that cares about our community and one another. We have each other’s backs, if you will, and love each other through the ups and downs of life.  We pray for each other.  The diversity of backgrounds in our class allows for some remarkable conversations about life and the Lord.  Fun fact: Our leader is also Santa Claus.

Key Information: Located in Room 26 (upstairs in the Summit) – The class starts promptly at 9:30 a.m. with coffee and fellowship. If you’re tired, no worries. We always have coffee and usually some of Santa’s select blends. The lesson kicks off about 9:45 a.m.  We have amazing children and youth programs, so you and your family can plug right in. if you are new and have questions, just ask anyone in the class, and we would be happy to help you.  Hope to see you soon!

40s & 50s (Teacher: Phillip Nott)

Greetings. Our life group meets upstairs in the Summit building in room S28. We begin at 9:30 having a time of fellowship and prayer, then the lesson starts around 10:00. Most of the class members are in their 50s.

Feel free to visit our class as much as you want. If you have any questions, please contact Phillip Nott at 469-865-6133 or

50s & 60s (Teacher: Bobby & LaRue Gastley)

Bobby and LaRue Gastley’s Life Group meets in room 105.

We team teach together and focus on God’s Word.  We have a wide range of ages in this co-ed class.  If you are looking for people who love the Lord and each other, this might be your class.  Visitors are always welcome!

60s & 70s (Teacher: Bob & Margie Williamson)

Life Group 5 is a welcoming, friendly, fun class for adults ages 60 something to 99. Every Sunday begins with fellowship, catching up with friends we have missed since last Sunday, AND a breakfast of some kind –– either store-bought or homemade. There’s always plenty of coffee. 

Dr. Margie Williamson is the teacher, and Dr. Bob Williamson leads the prayer time and is the backup teacher. Margie was a writer/editor for Bible study curriculum as well as on the seminary faculty at New Orleans Baptist Seminary. Bob retired as an Executive Pastor, serving various churches around Atlanta.

This year, the class uses the Life Bible study literature which is the curriculum Margie helped write and edit. This year we are doing Old Testament survey. Previously, we’ve spent a year in the book of Acts and a year on the life of Christ.
The class is made up of couples, singles, pairs, and spares of various ages. We have 45 to 50 minutes of Bible study that is a combination of lecture and discussion. Each Sunday, we end with prayer and prayer concerns. 

We are blessed to have some of the newest attenders to Bethlehem Baptist as well as some of the matriarchs. 

The class meets in room 109 (and 111 & 113) –– connecting rooms. You can usually find us if you just listen on Sunday for the noisiest room. Attendance runs anywhere from 30 to 40, and there is the option to join us via Zoom if that works better for you.

Come join us for a Sunday or two and see if we are a good fit for you. You are always welcome.

70s & up (Teacher: Carley Abner)

Our Life Group meets at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday in Room 104, located in the Senior Adult Wing.  Our group has both singles and couples of retirement age.  We are a loving, supportive family of believers with a serving attitude.  Habersham Homeless Ministry, Grace Gate (a free medical clinic), and Operation Christmas Child are just a few areas in which we serve!  Carley Abner, our Life Group leader, is an awesome teacher/leader with a great sense of humor.  He is a craftsman, history buff, and excellent singer!  Carley is passionate about the Word of God and brings his lessons to life by using lots of visuals in class.  If you want to be part of a group of genuine, loving friends who love to worship together, this is the place for you!

70s & up (Teacher: Bob Loffredo)

The Co-Ed 7 Life Group, led by Bob Loffredo, meets in room 103.  From the lobby, follow the hall on the right side of Worship Center until it ends at the back hall.  Once there, make a right and go almost to the end.  Room 103 will be on your left.  Class starts at 9:30 a.m. with approximately 15 minutes of fellowship, followed by announcements, the singing of a hymn, and a verse-by-verse study of scriptures which ends at 10:30 a.m.  Coffee is always available, and occasionally, snacks are provided.  Various class activities are planned throughout the year.  Married and single members range in age from their 60s to 90s.  It is a very welcoming and caring group.

60s & 70s Ladies (Teacher: Bonnie Loffredo & Debbie Purcell)

Ladies 1 is a class of women teaching women, using Lifeway materials.  The class encourages friendships, fosters kindness, and works to impact our community for Christ.  We meet in room 115 on the back hall.  If you’re visiting for the first time, please feel free to ask one of the greeters in the Welcome Center or one of our members to direct you to the correct location.

70s & up Ladies (Teacher: Delores Anderson)

My name is Delores Anderson, a retired educator from Demorest. I teach the Women’s Agape Life Group in Room 110.  I have been teaching this class for about the last seven years. It is a special class of 7-9 women of 60+ years of age and a service dog named Shiloh. We provide hot coffee. Members sit in a semicircle around the teacher’s table. We use the Explore the Bible series and enjoy learning about the Bible and its applications to our lives. We discuss prayer concerns at the beginning and at the end of class. We stay connected to each other by email with prayer requests and special needs. We plan a class social about once every six weeks at a restaurant or a class member’s home. We welcome new members who are looking for a small group of older ladies and Shiloh, who truly love and care for each other as we study God’s Word.

60s & 70s Men (Teacher: Dr. Dan Allen)

Dr. Danny Allen has been a resident of Demorest since 2017.  He has been married for 50 years.  Dr. Allen is a retired pastor of 40 years.  He professed Christ at age 26 and was called to full-time ministry at 28.  He received his education through New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  He served 10 years in the military and was a teaching professor with the Doctoral Department of the School of Divinity at Liberty University.  Dr. Allen now teaches the Legacy Men’s Class in Room 101.  Their fellowship is focused around the study of God’s Word, ministry to each other, and outreach to other men in our community.

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