At Bethlehem, we're family, and we love to come together to worship, fellowship, and share life together! Here are just a few ways you can connect with others and become part of the Bethlehem family.

Life Groups

We call our Sunday school classes Life Groups, because they do so much more than just meet to study on Sunday mornings! Members of a life group lean on each other for fellowship, support, and growth through all stages and challenges of life.

Whether you’re 2 or 102, you’ll find a group at Bethlehem waiting to do life with you!


At Bethlehem, we take the call to serve seriously. Jesus sets the example for His followers when it comes to servanthood. Our call is from Him and is modeled for us by Him: a life of service first to God, then to others. We want to love and serve well in the hopes of winning people to Jesus Himself.

Bible Study

God’s Word tells us to worship Him with our entire heart, soul, mind and strength. What we think about God is the most important thing about us!

Bible Study is a priority here at Bethlehem because we hold to the truth that who we are and what we do is an overflow of what we believe about Jesus. Truth leads us into obedience. That being said, we offer education through both life groups and through specialized Bible Study classes.


Maybe you’re new to the Christian faith, or you’ve just never understood what baptism is all about. We believe that baptism is an outward sign of an inward commitment. In other words, it is a way of showing family, friends, and all involved that you have been forgiven and decided to follow Jesus.


We have both online and offline resources including recorded sermons, historic archives, books and videos, and more. We hope that they will prove useful to you in your walk.

Our librarian is also available on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings to help you find additional resources.

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